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A Beach Hut in Brid

A Beach Hut in Brid


What springs to mind when you think of Bridlington?

A full-on seaside experience with gaudy fairground rides, fish and chips, a bit faded round the edges maybe?

Bridlington is certainly one of the Yorkshire coast's most popular and busy summer holiday resorts. You can't miss the carousel rides, helter skelters and dodgems as you walk along the North Bay promenade.

But continue past the harbour (more of which later)....

.....past the wonderful Art Deco Spa Theatre...

.....and you'll get to the most glorious stretch of sandy beach.

Perfect for playing ball games on and riding bicycles....

And with the added bonus of some great beach chalets. My favourites are those along Princess Mary Promenade...


So with the sun shining we rang the Foreshores office and made a last minute booking to hire one for the day. We managed to park along South Marine Drive which runs parallel to the beach huts.

The beach chalet comes with two chairs, two deckchairs, a sink and an electricity which means you can set up camp and have a base for the whole day - and evening.

The little water channel (which leads to a paddling pool further along) in front of the chalets provided hours of fun for the boys. Don't forget to pack the water pistols which we did, so we ended up buying some cheap ones from the nearby very well-stocked beach shop.

As we had a 'kitchen' we decided to have a BBQ in the afternoon...

...and enjoyed great views out to sea with a few more boats bobbing about as the afternoon went on.

Early evening is when the harbour comes to life. We strolled along the pier where dozens of fishermen were casting out their rods.

You can see the white cliffs of nearby Sewerby in the distance.

Bridlington Harbour is magnificent. It's well worth a wander around to admire the vast array of colourful fishing boats and to watch the fishermen bring in their evening catch.

This harbour is actually the largest lobster landing port in Europe. We watched fishermen haul in crates of lobsters and crabs. We were told by one of the fishermen that ninety per cent of this shellfish is shipped abroad: "We don't eat shellfish in this country," the chap explained.

We weren't the only ones watching what was going on. Somebody else obviously knew when it was supper time!

There's a lot of fun to be had in this great Yorkshire seaside resort. I will be revealing a few more hidden gems of Bridlington over the next few weeks.

See you next time!

Guess which Yorkshire City I am in?

Guess which Yorkshire City I am in?

Bicis y Mas

Bicis y Mas