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An Easter Wreath

An Easter Wreath

Who says a wreath is just for Christmas? I always enjoy making this festive decoration to hang on my front door but it seems a shame to take it down after the holidays end. So, this year I was determined to have a go at making a spring wreath in time for the Easter weekend. 

I'd already potted up some Easter baskets with narcissi tête-à-tête and some lovely primula victoriana gold lace which I'd spotted at our local nursery - adding in some mini speckled eggs, pheasant and guinea fowl feathers and pine cones.


For my spring wreath I re-used the moss base from my Christmas wreath which I'd packed away in the potting shed. After a quick squirt of water to moisten it, I wrapped around some twigs (I used cotinus from some pruning as well as some lime twigs - but any bendy stems would work).

2018-03-29 10.20.16.jpg

Then comes the fun bit, choosing what to add as your foliage. You'll be surprised at what you can find in your garden or in the hedgerows. I used rosemary, viburnum, ivy, wild hellebores, also known as stinking hellebore which isn't a particularly endearing name but it does have lovely lime green cup-shaped flowers that contrast nicely with darker green foliage. I also used some larch branches with cones as these are also quite flexible.

2018-03-29 10.29.59.jpg
2018-03-29 10.33.45.jpg

What I really wanted to try with this wreath was adding in some spring bulbs. For me the colour yellow is the one I associate most with Easter so it had to be daffodil or narcissi bulbs. I used dwarf narcissus tête-à-tête, so called because they always come in pairs (side-by-side or tête-à-tête).

2018-03-29 10.30.30.jpg

The twigs that are wrapped around the wreath provide a good frame in which to slot the foliage under but you can also push it into the moss. But with the the bulbs, I actually attached them carefully with some florists' twine.

2018-03-29 11.17.43.jpg

The last touch was the feathers. I can't go out on a walk now without scooping up feathers that I find on the ground - often helped by my dog, Lola, who can't resist picking up any stray feathers on her hedgerow foraging. I did consider a ribbon but it looked a bit fussy and I wanted to keep the wreath looking as natural as possible. So, here it is...I hope you like it. And Happy Easter!

2018-03-29 11.38.14.jpg
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