Words matter - they’re how we communicate. So getting them right is vital. That’s where I can help. By making sure the words you use get your message across.



Clear, effective writing is crucial for your organisation’s documents - both for internal and external audiences. I can work with you to create brochures, leaflets, newsletters and supplements as well as providing web content to deliver the information you want to share. 

Press Releases

Press releases are a traditional way of getting publicity for your organisation, especially in local and regional media, both in print and online. However, there is an art to spotting a newsworthy angle. I can help you identify the stories that are most likely to make the news. I will draft a press release and suggest other media to accompany it, giving you the best chance of getting effective coverage.

Blogging and Social Media

Blogs are a very effective way of telling your story in your own words, tone and style. They are also a really powerful way of improving your performance in Google search rankings, especially when tied in with good use of social media. I can set up your blog; write suitable content and suggest what you might write yourself. I will advise on the most effective social media platforms for you and help you set them up and suggest suitable content to start posting.

Proofreading and Editing

If you have produced your own written material, I provide proofreading and copy editing services to ensure it is as polished and professional as it should be. I am able to proofread letters, reports and brochures or any other written material that needs checking.

Media Training

I provide training services in the range of writing skills needed for effective communication. If you are concerned about the potential pitfalls of social media use by people in your organisation I offer a law for social media course. This training is provided by one of the UK's foremost experts on media law, David Banks Media Law. Please click here for more information.