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A pop of colour

We didn't get the snow that had been predicted yesterday - just a fleeting hail and snow shower. Today turned out cold but bright so after a walk this morning, I got out into the garden this afternoon. 20150130_140851

I planted some narcissi, muscari and iris in pots but it will be a while before they flower so for a dash of instant colour I've bought a small tray of primroses. There is something to admire in these little leafy clusters with their hearts of jewel-coloured flowers when everything else around them is still in winter hibernation.

Meanwhile inside, I have some little pots of cyclamen decorating the table.

Cyclamens and foliage decorate our table

The hens have been out and about much more, especially since they started laying. They have been busy foraging in the woodland area of the garden this last week. I guess if you're making one of those little eggs almost every day you're going to have an appetite.

Pekins don't particularly like the cold but this little trio seem a hardy bunch. That little body is mostly feathers so must be keeping them warm. They do scuttle back to the coop now and then for a bit of respite when the wind ruffles their feathers too much.


Hello from Style and Story

Hello from Style and Story

The excitement of the first egg