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The razzle dazzle of late summer

I love the zany flowers that are around at this time of year - dahlias, gladioli and zinnias. It's almost as if the gaudiness of their colour is in defiance of the fading light of summer's end. I was driving home the other day when some blooms for sale at The Wall at Coulton caught my eye. So I reversed, scooped up a bunch of zinnias, popped my coins in the honesty box and smiled at how much pleasure this pop of colour would bring. 20150925_143120

All these flowers were a little unfashionable not so long ago. Dahlias have been enjoying a renaissance thanks to gardeners like Sarah Raven. We like growing them in our own garden as they are wonderful as cut flowers. But gladioli? I hadn't really thought about growing these. But I think a huge vase of them would look stunning.


The Garden Wall at Coulton really is a wall situated in a small village in the Vale of York where you can buy a fantastic range of seasonal fruit, vegetables and high quality and welfare meat as well as these lovely cottage flowers. It's pretty unique as everything sold here is either grown or reared here. You can't get more fresh or traceable than that.




Fresh air and the great outdoors

Hello from Style and Story

Hello from Style and Story