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Wrapping up for winter

The time of year has arrived when the mornings are darker, the days shorter and the nights longer - and when even mid-morning it can look like this outside. A misty morning along the track

When I moved from London to Northumberland and subsequently to North Yorkshire, I really began to notice how the seasons had an effect on my mood. I have to admit it took time to appreciate them; summer was always good with long days and plenty of outdoor living but come winter I felt like I was in a permanent state of hibernation.

The other thing about moving from city to country is that you have to adapt your clothing. In the days when I worked in London, pounding mud-free city streets and travelling on public transport, skirts, fashionable shoes and a light coat would suffice.

Nowadays, however, my every day look is more like this......

My Seasalt wellies and coat

One thing that I dreaded when I first moved out of London was that I would be consigned to a life of fleece. And to be honest when I first moved that was the choice if you wanted practical outdoor country clothing.

So, thank goodness for this company....

My coveted Toast catalogue and a cuppa

I must confess that I look forward to the latest Toast catalogue dropping through my door - and once I have a quiet moment, I grab a cup of tea and browse its lovely photos.

Every item of clothing I have ever bought from Toast, I never tire of wearing. I love the image it creates - country, nature, artistic, creative, Bohemian, stylish. It's a lifestyle catalogue with gorgeous photos and an appreciation for handmade and ethically sourced clothing and homeware.

Companies like Toast and another favourite, Seasalt, (although I probably need a seaside bolthole to fully embrace their world), have injected a bit of style and individuality into what can sometimes be a battle with the elements when you live in the country.

And, just to let you know, I never did get over-run by fleeces but they do sometimes have their uses so I have allowed the odd one into my wardrobe!

Makers Dozen

A spooky evening