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Indoor blooms

My narcissi paperwhite bulbs had almost given up on me and begun sprouting shoots so I finally planted them up this weekend - hopefully in time for Christmas and New Year. My narcissi paperwhites itching to get going!

I always plant them in small pebbles in these glass bowls that I picked up from local charity shops. You just need to fill the bowls and push the bulbs two thirds of the way into the pebbles. Fill the bowl with water so it's just touching the base of the bulb. I have put mine in a dark place for the moment to slow their growth but I will be bringing them out soon. Make sure to keep the water level up.

Before long they will look like this

I had also been given some hydrangea blooms - they came in a bucket and I have been scouting round for another vase or similar to put them in. As I didn't really have anything big enough I decided to wrap some hessian around the bucket they came in. I am quite pleased with how it looks - do you think this passes as rustic chic?


Meanwhile little pots of cyclamens add colour to the table. I have placed them on some vintage saucers. The vibrant shades of their delicate little petals contrast with the dark green ivy that I have tied around old jam jars that I use as tealight holders.

Cyclamens and foliage decorate our table


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