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That Festive Feeling

I felt I had been catapulted forwards a month when I took a trip to York yesterday. This wasn't the only shop where I was dazzled by the bright lights of Christmas. Christmas comes early on the high street

Everywhere I looked there was more glitter, sparkle, red, gold, silver, green, reindeers, stars, novelty signs proclaiming Christmas, Noel and other seasonal wishes. Vast sections of floor space in many shops are already given over to 'Christmas'.

Christmas really was all around me

Now, don't get me wrong, I am no Ebenezer Scrooge when it comes to Christmas. It is one of my favourite times of the year. I love the traditions, the magic, school nativity plays, the break from everyday routines - and yes, the sparkle of it all.

I love a little bit of sparkle

But as I get swept along by Christmas fever I do have a nagging feeling that it doesn't have to be as frenzied as it sometimes is. There always seems to be the last minute search for a present, panic over what to give the boys' teachers even (an apple will no longer suffice, not even a glitter coated one). Plus, poor old Santa has a job on his hands with us. I mean, with three boys what can Father Christmas bring that is any different to what he has brought every year since he started stopping off at our house (this will be his 12th year)?

A choice of trees, even a blue one

So, having completely sidetracked from my original mission on my trip into town, I found myself in the craft sections of a couple of shops. Even this is big business now with all the bits you need in one section so you can pop them in your basket, take them home and get creating.


I do enjoy making things for Christmas, whether it's decorations, baking a cake as a gift, or wrapping a plant in lovely paper, but I don't always leave myself enough time to do these things.

So even though it is only mid November, the sight of all those Christmas trees and decorations has spurred me on to get ahead with the planning this year.

I am going to make more things, especially of the edible variety. Hobbycraft had some great boxes for presenting treats in. Other places I love for seeking inspiration for making are both Boyes and Yorkshire Trading in Malton. Both have great haberdashery and crafting sections with yards of ribbons, fabrics, templates and embellishments to get you started.

Whilst out yesterday, I spotted this book which I couldn't resist at just £1.00 from that well-known store of the same name (which incidentally has some rather stylish Christmas decorations which I had spotted in a magazine a while back).

Seems like a good read to me...

At such a bargain price, do you think it was trying to tell me something? One pound for 'the best Christmas ever' seems a fair deal to me......



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