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Our arty tablecloth

I am always inspired after a visit to an art gallery and it was the same after my trip to the capital last week. It's inspiration not only for me but also encourages me to get the boys into a creative mood. The gallery shops are always filled with beautiful books. I spotted this lovely book, Drawing Projects for Children, on my visit to London in the summer to see Ravilious at the Dulwich Picture Gallery.

Drawing Projects for Children by Paula Briggs

It has some excellent ideas that you can do together in short bursts. I have enjoyed it as much as the boys.

Children love to draw and are uninhibited by their doodlings but that confidence seems to dwindle with most of us by the time we become adults. But the popularity of colouring books for adults these days shows we still love drawing and colouring even as grown ups.

One of the other things we often do is cover our kitchen table with lining paper. We get out all our pens, pencils and crayons out and the boys get to work.


In the end it looks like this......


The boys are never daunted by the huge white space to fill as they each commandeer a part of the paper with their designs.

Stuart the Minion

Spongebob Squarepants

Kawaii Dragon

It's mostly good natured bonding for the boys although sometimes someone gets a bit over enthusiastic with the colouring and adds to another's mini masterpiece - I guess that's what you call collaborative art!

Our own bit of woodland

London Calling