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Making a Christmas wreath

Here's the wreath I have made for Christmas. It's made from foliage gathered on a walk, pine cones from the garden and some oranges I dried. If you would like to make a similar one then read on for instructions.... IMGP2560

First, gather all you need. I used a 14 inch wire wreath ring available from craft stores. I bought mine from Yorkshire Trading in Malton. You will also need some garden twine, available from any garden centre. Use one that is easy to twist and bend. Then gather your foliage. Pine is ideal as it is easy to work with and curves nicely around the ring.


The pine foliage needs to be cut to 20cm long stems. I used 10 stems but you can use more if you want a fuller wreath. Tie the stems together in pairs with the garden wire.


Then attach the double stems to the wreath ring. You might want to lay it out first so it is even all the way round.


Now the fun bit. You can add whatever you like - plain and simple or glitz and sparkle! I inserted some sprigs of rosemary (so whoever comes to the door will also be greeted with a lovely herby fragrance). I added pine cones, dried oranges and some artificial berries for extra colour. I had thought of putting a ribbon on it but it didn't seem to need it in the end.


Finally, show off your festive creation to your nearest and dearest, hang it on your front door, stand back and admire....


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