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Christmas crafting: part one - baubles

If your Christmas tree is anything like ours it will already be laden with baubles and festive trimmings. But why restrict baubles to the tree? Christmas is no time to go minimalist with the decor. IMG_5797

These fabric ones are easy to make and look best if you hang them on some snow-sprayed branches in a decorative vase, maybe mixing them with other decorations as I have done.

Here's how to make them if you fancy getting creative (and your energy levels are still running high in the busy countdown to Christmas Day). You will need:

Polystyrene balls (I get mine from Yorkshire Trading in Malton but most craft suppliers stock them), fabric, ribbon and PVA glue.


The great thing with these baubles is that you can make them to match your colour scheme - if you have one. I chose reds and greens for these ones for a festive feel. I used fabric from fabric swatch samples that I have gathered over the years.

Cut your fabric into two centimetre squares using pinking shears to stop them fraying.


Pop the polystyrene ball into an egg cup or similar to hold it stable. Then start by gluing one of your squares onto the polystyrene ball and leave to dry.


Next glue the ribbon on around the ball making a loop with it to hang the bauble.


I use a peg to make sure the ribbon stays in place until the glue is dry.


Once the ribbon is firmly stuck down glue two pieces of fabric either side of the ribbon ends.


Now you can carry on sticking the fabric on in a patchwork pattern, smoothing the fabric as you go.


Collect some branches, spray with snow spray, mix in some fairy lights and some other decorations if you wish.


I must say these baubles are a bit like fairy lights in our house - I don't restrict them to Christmas. I love a bit of sparkle through the winter months so the lights stay up. The baubles look pretty piled up in a bowl or mixed with pine cones.


Coming next.......the little white glittery reindeer.

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