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A good yarn

I prefer to be ahead of a deadline but I just made it with the snood I started knitting in October. I set myself a date to finish it before Christmas so in between the festive preparations I spent several evenings with needles clicking away. I cast off and completed it on Christmas Eve. IMG_6160

I have really enjoyed making it and once I had relaxed into the knitting I found it a very therapeutic pastime. I followed a pattern created by knitwear designer Erika Knight and used her wool, a chunky British wool in two shades of grey. I bought the pattern and wool from John Lewis as they have a good haberdashery department.

However, there are some wonderful independent stores selling lovely yarns and inspiring patterns so I am going to check them out now I have been bitten by the knitting bug. If you are local then Little Lamb Wool in Hovingham has some gorgeous wool and patterns to buy in store or online. Otherwise, there are lots of great online stores. I find YouTube useful for quick tutorials if you need a bit of help. And there is an online knitting community at Ravelry which also contains free patterns to download.

Knitting and crocheting have seen a definite resurgence recently, no longer a hobby to take up when you retire. I remember as a child learning macrame and making macrame hanging baskets for plants. That's real '70s throwback style but I wouldn't be surprised if there's not a revival of that craft too sometime soon.

Since completing my snood I have found my fingers are twitching for a new knitting project.....although the weather is so mild and wet that my snood hasn't had much of an outing. Am I the only one waiting for a cold snap?

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