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A wild end to the month

Good morning Monday! Good morning February! Looking out of the window today, I am not sure February is looking much different to January. IMG_6587

The weather has been extremely windy up here in North Yorkshire, causing havoc, not least in our own garden.

You may have read my post earlier last month about the boys' den that Mr B had spent daylight into twilight hours erecting before Christmas. On Friday I looked out of the kitchen window and the den had blown across the garden with just two corners held together. A tremendous gust of wind must have ripped it up from its base. It took us completely by surprise as it hadn't looked that windy outside.

Hopefully it will be salvageable with a few new pieces of wood but we will wait until the weather calms down before fixing it.

In the meantime here's hoping the weather calms down in February and that Spring isn't too far away....


Wishing you all a good week ahead!


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