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Quarmby's café and a walk round the castle

I am a real café aficionado - of all the places to go and socialise, a gorgeous café where you can sip tea and eat cake over a good chat is the one I'll always opt for. IMG_8116

And for me, Quarmby's Delicatessen & Café in Sheriff Hutton ticks all the boxes. I had driven past it a few times always intending to stop by - and once I did I've become a devotee.


It's not only the fantastic selection of cakes they serve...


...the chocolate chia muffins are a particular favourite of mine...


It's also the genuinely warm welcome you receive as soon as you walk through the doors thanks to husband and wife team, Emma and Will Quarmby, who opened Quarmby's a couple of years ago. Emma, who is an interior designer, has worked her magic on the decor which is stylish and tasteful yet with a laid back feel.


There are lots of lovely details to gaze at over your latté or matcha tea (Yes, you're going to be introduced to a whole range of wonderful, new ingredients and flavours here).



Emma and Will are clearly passionate about food and if you are too, I would really recommend that you take time to chat to Emma. She is extremely knowledgable about food, diet and health. She can recommend cookery books and recipes as well as an eclectic range of ingredients.

The deli part of the café is brimming with interesting foodstuffs and there's an emphasis on local specialist producers whether it's bread, vegetables, pies or preserves. Not surprisingly Quarmby's are collaborating on a new Yorkshire cookbook so watch this space.


While you're in Sheriff Hutton you can't fail to miss the castle ruins looming in the distance.


There's an easy perimeter walk around them which is as close as you'll get.



The 14th century castle, built by the powerful Neville family, has got an impressive history. It was once owned by Richard III as a core powerbase in the north of England and home to the council of the north. If you fancy reading a bit about it check out this site.

So, if you do need an excuse for a visit to Quarmby's you can always say it's part of a historical fact-finding trip. Enjoy!

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